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As Leaves Fall
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In the western Pacific region of the United States is the state of California, and in that state lies the lovely city of Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills and the neighboring city of West Hollywood are together entirely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. In such an area, almost anything can happen; and it does.

Love affairs, violence, strange and unexplained disappearances, jealousy, love and hate are not all too uncommon there. And that is where the characters of our little story come into play. Based on your average soap opera, this is probably as dramatic as it gets.

As Leaves Fall. This ain't your average modern-day Naruto role-play.


01: First and foremost, respect other players: In-character drama is more than welcomed in this community, but out-of-character drama is both unnecessary and unwanted and can also cause a lot of problems for a game.

If OOC drama does occur with another player and you cannot resolve it on your own, contact a mod and they will see if something can be done about it. If not, whatever action they deem necessary to put it to an end will be taken. This can mean both players leaving the game.

02: To join this game it would be preferred and highly recommended you be at least seventeen years to apply, due to possible inappropriate nature that will no doubt be in this community.

03: No God-modding/Power-playing of any sort. People hate that, and if you insist on doing it you risk the chance of getting thrown out of the community.

04: Activity is mandatory. Only join if you have time to play. Because of school and other real life issues, it is required to post once every two weeks, at the least.

05: You can play yuri/yaoi/het/smut/crack/canon, whatever here. Just be sure to post anything rated NC-17 with a warning, an lj cut, and friends-locked.

06: While speaking out-of-character, use brackets: (, {, [, etcetera, or take it to the out-of-character community, alfooc.

07: Remember your character's age: Naruto would be sixteen: We go from that. If you post the wrong age on an application, a mod will correct you.

08: The limit of characters per person is two for now; you may, however, be allowed a third, with a moderator's permission.

09: To make certain you have read the rules, it is required to put a code in your application. This code is: Agathokakological.

You can and will be denied membership in this game if you did not read the rules.

10: For this game, it is required to use PB icons: This is a real person portraying your character. Check the PB list for availability of your choice. If you are unable to come to a decision of a model on your own, a mod will suggest one for you.

11: Post all logs under an lj cut and with the following format.

But ya'll know all this shit. |:

Available characters♥
Model list♥
Friend add♥
Contact information♥

Moderator contact information:

Name: Snook
Journal: shibari
AIM: Snook is a dork
General contact post: Questions/Comments? Any problems? Feel free to contact the mod here.